004: Earning an Elon Musk award, Looking to raise $80 Billion, Hyperloops, VR, AR & AI with Joel Kennedy

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I first had the pleasure of meeting Joel Kennedy back at university. Joel has a degree in Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne. While at uni Joel was an integral part of the formation of a group called Vic Hyper that worked on creating a braking system for a Hyperloop that won an award at Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in the United States. Hear exactly what was involved in this incredible achievement. (Show Notes)

Joel & I also cover the RMIT Activator, incorporating Vic Hyper, educating the public to rally support, looking to raise $80 billion in the future, Altair the extraordinary company that Joel also works for, VR, AR, AI, mental health and STEM learning.

Please enjoy this conversation with Joel Kennedy


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Show Notes

2:00 How did you get into Aerospace engineering?
5:20 Vic Hyper
6:50 Hyperloop
9:50 Being invited to see Elon Musk present
10:45 More about the ‘competition’
13:25 Gaining support and earning sponsorship
16:10 Working as a team and all the experience that came with it
17:15 Vic Hyper has now been incorporated
18:10 The end goal for the Vic Hyper
20:40 RMIT Activator – Start-up Hub
23:10 Media attention in the Herald Sun and Morning Show
24:10 What it would be like travelling in a Hyperloop
29:05 How long does it take to get to Mars?
30:00 On working at Altair
32:25 Bastion Cycles and 3D-Printing
34:10 Does it scare you how quickly we’re developing?
34:50 On Artificial Intelligence, how it works and the problems that may arise
36:50 Virtual & Augmented reality
39:45 Where did Pokemon Go the App go wrong?
40:55 Hologram advertising
41:20 What excites you most about the future?
42:15 On the concept of genetically modifying humans
43:30 Realtime Learning STEM Education
45:30 Getting ahead of the competition
47:10 On dealing with and overcoming depression
55:30 What are some of the choices that you’ve made that have made you who you are?
57:00 Advice from his father – ‘Keep a diary of your working history on the project so you have the proof as well as a track record.’
58:10 ‘If anyone tells you no and you want to do it, do it’
58:55 If you were sitting in front of your 12 year old self, what he think of you at 25?
59:40 Where do you want to be in 10 years?
1:00:15 How long until you raise 80 billion?

1:01:00 – Big 5

  1. Graduating – Showcasing my knowledge and proof that I can do it
  2. Vic Hyper – Working for free on my passion
  3. Pulling myself out of that rutt that I was in with the depression and then being able to look back on that time and learn from that and understand my own triggers so then I can know when I start going back down that road what I need to do to get out of it and stay away from it.


1:02:35 Best books or blog posts that you’ve ever read?

I generally only read fiction. A quote from Muhammad Ali ‘The fight is won long before I danced under those lights’

You put in the hard work well before it, and when you get to the final end you should succeed if you’ve done the hard work


1:03:35 What are the best movies and documentaries that you’ve ever seen?

Bra Boys


1:05:20 What are the predictions for you industries in the next 5-10 years?

Vic Hyper –  It’s hard to say. Growth will depend on the government and public wanting that kind of infrastructure.

Altair – Has been growing exponentially and will continue that way


1:06:10 Did you achieve your goals that you set yourself in the last 12 months?

Yes 100% Graduated, found a paying engineering job, reached the final round of the competition in the Hyperloop (with Vic Hyper)


1:06:40 What goals have you set yourself over the next 12 months and is there anything that you can share with us that we can keep you accountable for?

Become a Certified Engineer


1:07:50 How would a conversation go down between you and Elon Musk, what would you talk about?

Start off with a sense of familiarity (Hyperloop)

Pick his brain about what he sees for the future and what he envisions for SpaceX particularly and for the next 20 years for Mars and for himself.


1:11:00 The work ethic and inspiration of St Kilda Football Club champion Nick Riewoldt


1:12:15 Who are you looking to connect with?

Like-minded people

Large companies interested in the Hyperloop


Who I think should connect with Joel

Potential partnerships, sponsors, investors, collaborates and anyone looking to learn for about the Hyperloop.


1:13:20 Where can we reach you?

Vichyper.com/work – Click on Joel (third image). Get him on his  LinkedIn


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5:30 Zac McLelland
5:35 Elon Musk
9:10 NASA
9:10 Space X
9:10 Tesla
10:00 PayPal
20:40 RMIT Activator
2:30 Herald Sun
2:40 Morning Show Sydney
27:50 Virgin
28:10 Orion Spacecraft
29:05 Planet Mars
30:00 Altair
32:25 Bastion Cycles
33:10 3D Printing
34:50 Artificial Intelligence
35:05 James Cameron
35:05 Terminator
36:50 Virtual Reality
36:50 Augmented Reality
39:45 Pokemon App
40:40 Back to the Future Part II
39:55 Hologram advertising
41:05 Nike
42:15 Crispr
42:25 Gattaca
43:30 Realtime Learning
41:55 Luke Kerr
45:10 STEM Education
45:55 Kodak
46:55 The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
48:20 Ron Burgundy & Anchorman
56:10 RMIT Basketball
1:10:45 St Kilda Football Club
1:11:00 Nick Riewoldt

Click here to see this year’s winning team in action


Joel pictured with Vic Hyper’s award at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in Texas


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