013: We Plan A Business On The Spot, Explore Identifying Passion, Facing Fear & Taking that Leap with Kwaku Adjei

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Hello listeners and welcome to episode 13 of the White Pony Network Podcast. This episode is a little different as I invited an old friend of mine to join me to help shape his passion into a practical course of action.

Kwaku Adjei is a very interesting man. I’ve known him since mid high school and he has always been one of those people who could put me in a good mood. He is always entertaining, has many ideas and knows so much about so many different things.

Kwaku has worked a range of different roles over the years for large corporations and also travelled to his native home Ghana for the ABC television series ‘Following Family Footsteps.’

Kwaku is now at the point where he is ready to explore his own goals and ambitions professionally. It’s at the perfect time that we speak him too, as he has just left his job and as he describes it is at a fork in the road.

You’ll hear Kwaku deep dive into his passion and then I attempt to assist him with planning a course of action throughout the episode. We digress a lot then come back to the strategic plan.

This is raw, informal and a lot of fun. Given this episode’s nature, I found myself speaking more than usual too. By the end of the episode we manage to plan two business ideas that Kwaku can act on, with the last coming in the last 3 minutes of the episode! A bit of a swear warning on this one, mostly due to Kwaku’s favourite book.

Please enjoy this conversation with Kwaku Adjei

ps Thank you to Tondo Digital for allowing us to use your space!


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My Biggest Take-Aways

  • The warrior doesn’t fight because he hates what’s in front of him. The warrior fights because he loves what’s behind him – Alexis Sanchez
    This reminds me to talk about things that I love and not things that I hate or dislike.
    This gives people an explanation of doing things out of love – nothing to do with hating what’s in front of us.
  • ‘I don’t see myself working as an employee. I want to start working on my own ideas. I’m starting to reach that phase in life when you want to start taking more control in your life.’
  • A lot of people think that they can contribute more than what they’re doing, and I think that drives me the most.
  • From The Bridge documentary: Of those who tried to take their lives, almost every single person 10 years later had not tried to kill themselves ever again and said that it was one of the biggest regrets that they’ve had in their life
  • Your share portfolio should reflect how you think the world is going to go over the next 10-15 years
  • We need a way to give people a life with a purpose. I want to make people feel like they have purpose. I still don’t know the answer to that question.
  • Some virtues are impractical with poverty and some are just impossible. Poverty sometimes renders it impossible to maintain all the virtues that you hold dearly to yourself
  • Every once in a while when you back yourself to go against what everyone else is saying, and you’re right, it serves as a signal post that says that it is possible to overcome your self-doubt.
  • Fault and Responsibility are two different things
  • The desire for more positive experience itself is a negative experience. The acceptance of one’s negative experience is a positive experience
  • With great responsibility comes great power
  • 2030 is closer than 2004


Show Notes
4:30 The WPN slogans
5:15 What does Kwaku want to do?
08:40 The issues with some feminism
10:00 Why it’s fine to be male
18:10 How does Kwaku turn his passion into a project that can help the world?
20:55 Why it’s harder to be a kid these days compared to any time in the past
21:55 We’re meaning making machines – which is tough at a young age
24:55 We’re going to have a societal problem with adults in about 20 years
25:30 Growing up as an African-westerner, did you ever feel alienated?
29:05 Understanding Kwaku’s target market
33:25 Kwaku’s journey from high school to now
40:44 Kwaku’s professional career
42:55 The Monaro story
44:20 The fear of taking risks
50:50 The future of jobs
54:10 Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology
55:30 Back on Kwaku’s idea
1:00:30 What it was like living off $13 for 2 weeks
1:07:20 Digressing onto Wes’s diet
01:10:40 The Birth Control Factory story
01:12:05 Back on the business idea
01:17:40 Identifying passion in others


01:23:55 The Big 5

  1. Having the opportunity to go to Ghana
  2. Peace (Kwaku’s dog) running away
  3. The time Kwaku’s mother fell down
  4. The time Kwaku had $13 to get him through 2 weeks
  5. Watching SBS World News
  6. The Soccer bet (Bitcoin too)


01:49:00 What are the best books & blog-posts that you’ve ever read?
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F@#$ by Mark Manson
All Men Are Liars by Sam Debrito
‘He was at a nightclub and saw a bloke that he hadn’t seen in two years and asked him ‘Where have you been?’ and he replied ‘I’ve been in China. I speak Mandarin now.’ It dawned on him that in two years this guy had changed his whole life and got a discernable skill and he’d done stuff all.’

01:21:10 What is your favourite quote?
The warrior doesn’t fight because he hates what’s in front of him. The warrior fights because he loves what’s behind him – Alexis Sanchez

01:58:50 Best Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries?
Dark Days

02:03:30 What goals have you set yourself over the next 12 months? Are there any that you’re willing share with us that we could help by keeping you accountable?
Kwaku needs to explore what goals he can strive to achieve the destination of helping men all over Australia and world find purpose

02:11:00 Who are you looking to connect with?
Anyone who has ideas around suicide prevention, building the better bloke, how to discuss these ideas. If someone wants to talk about something, I’ll talk.

02:13:15 Where can people reach you?
Facebook: Kwaku Adjei

02:14:00 A second business idea – brainstormed on the spot!


13:55 The Bridge
14:05 Golden Gate Bridge
14:25 The Bridge in China (Angel Of Nanjing)
21:55 The Landmark Forum
22:30 The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F@#$ by Mark Manson
30:15 Misandry
33:45 Following Family Footsteps (Kwaku also features on IMDB. Some serious bragging rights there)
34:00 Shaun Cousins
34:00 Mich Armstrong
34:05 Ghana
34:15 December Films (Now December Media)
47:50 Layth Samarah
47:50 Anas Hijjah
48:15 Stake.com.au
48:55 ETF
48:55 Lithium Ion
49:00 Tesla
49:10 Technology Stocks
50:50 Universal Basic Income
50:55 Communism
51:35 Mark Zuckerberg
54:10 Cryptocurrency
54:10 Blockchain Technology
56:50 MySpace
56:50 Friendster
58:00 Primary School Mining Bitcoin
58:45 WordPress
1:02:15 Samuel Johnson
1:02:15 Maya Angelou
1:06:05 Eric Thomas
1:06:10 Aleks Milanovic
01:10:05 Gynaecomastia
01:10:40 The Birth Control Factory story
01:12:20 Bloke’s Advice Facebook Group
01:13:55 Tony Robbins
01:14:05 I Am Not Your Guru
01:15:50 Meetup.com
01:15:55 Josh Giuliani
01:21:10 Alexis Sanchez
01:38:05 Dunkirk
01:40:05 Swansea
01:40:30 Arsenal
01:41:55 Michu
01:45:20 Bitcoin
01:47:35 The guy who bought 2 large pizzas for 10k Bitcoin
01:55:30 Menergy
02:01:35 Breaking Bad
02:01:45 Entourage
02:01:50 Better Call Saul
02:09:35 Ron Malhotra
02:09:50 The Successful Male
02:09:55 Luke Assigal
02:10:50 Soda Pop

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