024: How To Use Instagram To Launch & Grow A Very Successful Business In 2018, Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Mindset, Adding True Value & Changing The World One Person At A Time with Josh & Ben Humphris

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Hello ladies & gentlemen and welcome to episode 24 of the White Pony Network Podcast.

I have been reminded several times in the past week of just how fortunate I am, how fortunate we all are to be alive and well. It always brings everything into perspective when people we know pass away. The reason that I bring this up is just so I can reflect upon just how lucky we all are to be here and that for example I can do such things as have conversations with people living their purpose and then share them with you. I truly am grateful for that.

Today’s special episode is with two brothers who moved to Melbourne from country New South Wales to start a business. Josh & Ben Humphris moved down separately, Ben working as a physiotherapist whilst Josh was still up north working in earthmoving.

Josh knew that he wasn’t meant to be doing that, so he took the leap and moved to Melbourne and started helping people in his area of expertise, personal training. Having been training for the past 10 years and receiving his qualification whilst he finished his job, he was ready to change lives by launching Humphris Health.

Sit back and enjoy the story of how Josh acquired his first client, then went on to develop an absolutely amazing Instagram strategy that has exploded the business, during which time brought in Ben with his complementary skillsets and together they’ve rapidly grown the services and levels of expertise as well as dramatically expanded their client base.

It is evident that these two genuinely care and always have their clients’ best interests at heart. They are always willing to help anyone who needs it. There are big plans for the future of their business too, which is very exciting.

Please enjoy this conversation with Josh & Ben Humphris.


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My Biggest Take-Aways

  • A life isn’t fully lived until it has contributed to society in one way, shape or another – Les Brown
  • Josh had a skill that he realised he wanted to teach others
  • Josh didn’t know anyone in Melbourne, his instagram wasn’t set up for this, he had no progress shots and he didn’t have a name, but he had a vision and he went for it
  • “When asked ‘How long have you been a personal trainer?’ I didn’t say ‘Two weeks’, I’d say ‘I have been training for 10 years’”
  • When you oppress something, people rebel. Our nutrition programs reflect this.
  • Weekly accountability with a business coach or even a friend is important.
  • People are more likely to look after you rather than themselves. ‘Do as I say not as I do’ comes to mind
  • Set the bar high as falling short will still see a great achievement.
  • Never stay stagnant as the be the best in the group, move to more advanced groups and continue to grow
  • If you can control the morning and the night, that means that you have greater control over the middle of the day
    Earlier nights turn into earlier mornings – More hours to utilise, more organised and you’ll feel much better
  • Read books – An author’s whole life is compiled in books. Want to know what they know? Read their books. You’ll also become a better speaker and deeper thinker
  • If you believe that you’re not in control of where you are right now, you cannot be in control of where you want to be. Take responsibility.
  • You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. The boys are focusing on getting people to drink – To do the work to get the results, which is why they have expanded and added a lifecoach to their team and are focussing on mindset.


My Biggest Instagram Strategy Take-Aways

  • Use Intsagram direct messaging and be consistent
  • Showing your personality on Instagram is the most important way to build engagement
  • Ben identified that body builders were his ideal target market, and was also able to sponsor them in return for social media advertising as Instagram influencers
  • The best way to measure an Instagram Influencer in their engagement. Ask to see their insights before reaching an agreement.
  • The key is to pull Instagram users down into your content under the picture


Show Notes

2:30 Were there signs early of wanting to be an entrepreneur?
4:25 What has happened 12 months before you made the move to Melbourne?
7:20 What was the moment when you knew that you wanted to start the business?
8:55 Offering both personal training and physiotherapy
9:55 The journey to securing your first client
11:55 The amazing Instagram strategy
18:00 Who makes the best Instagram influencer
19:35 The rules on Testimonials
21:35 Are you finding any success in other platforms?
25:25 What are your unique mechanisms
27:00 A point on our emotions holding us back
30:00 How do you both approach goal setting, both for yourselves and for your clients?
35:45 The importance of who we hang around with
37:20 What’s the average week look like for you guys?
40:10 How the boys network
44:00 The future plans
47:00 What are you morning routines?
52:30 The importance of sleep

53:20 The Big 5
Ben: Listening to Gary Vee. Coming into the business with Josh. Working with Marnie the business coach.
Josh: A mentor told him that he needed to be the Uber of the personal training world and to disrupt the environment. Reading, especially Jordan Peterson.

58:55 What is your favourite quote?
Josh: ‘If you want a result that you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do what you’ve never done before’
Ben: ‘In order to get the things that you’ve never had before, you’ve got to be willing to do the things that you’ve ever had before’

1:04:30 What are the best books you’ve read and/or resources that you’ve got the most from?
Gary Vee Podcast
Andy Frisella’s MFCEO Project
Tony Robbins
Joe Dispenza
12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson

1:07:00 Best Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries?
The Dark Knight Rises

1:08:00 What are your predictions for your industry in the next 5 to 10 years?
A huge shift towards Gut Health. The importance of Mindset. A move towards the holistic approach and having a team of professionals on board rather than individuals. A shift towards a more holistic natural health and away from the more medical mainstream.

1:10:25 What goals have you set yourself over the next 12 months? Are there any that you’re willing share with us that we could help by keeping you accountable?
Acquiring a gym, the next phase of the plan!

1:12:50 Who are you looking to connect with?
Training population, general population, people that give a damn about their clients, like-minded people.

1:16:30 What is Project Self and how can people get into it?
It’s personal training, nutrition and training plans, naturopath and Chinese medicine, physio, life coaching. A one stop shop. The goal is to get clients to a point where they no longer need them. How can they help their clients better when they’re outside the gym.

1:18:40 Where can our listeners reach you?
Website: Humphris Health
Instagram: Humphrishealthjosh
Instagram: Humprhishealth_physio
Facebook: Humphris Health
LinkedIn: Benjamin Humphris
YouTube: Humphris Health



2:55 Gary Vaynerchuk
6:00 Lifecare
7:40 Les Brown
12:30 Going down in the DM & How to network on Instagram Direct Message by Gary Vaynerchuk
22:20 Electro dry-needling
24:05 Hootsuite
31:15 Andy Frisella
31:15 MFCEO Project
56:30 Jordan Peterson


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