The first part here is about this project and what you could get out of it, and a bit about me (taken from the first page). The second part is the old about me. How things change!

I’ve been on quite the journey the last few years and I discovered a way to put down all the shit and worry that I used to carry around daily and it’s wonderful. I want to share this with you! It’s not like life is now perfect, it’s quite far from it. But to be able to actually enjoy my own company, it’s pretty good. 1000 days of meditation, and learning from some extraordinary people have had a great effect on me. I stepped off the hamster wheel in 2019, and saw that dangling carrot for what it is, and I have a story to tell. Have a listen to the podcast, sign up to my mailing list, and let’s get on with it.

This podcast was initially called White Pony Network (the name derived from my company White Pony Entertainment) and the purpose of this was to interview those people in my network who have found their purpose were adding value and as a consequence were generating wealth. You can still listen to all these episodes from 1-36!

As the project has evolved, along came the MindAim Academy. Things got interesting, weird and extraordinary, and you get to hear the story and all the things that I believe could help you in some small way.


For more about me and what I’ve done in the past, here’s the blowing smoke up my backside LinkedIn and resume ‘Brief Career Profile’ spiel:

I completed my first degree, a Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship at RMIT University and discovered a love for event management. I soon founded White Pony Entertainment Pty Ltd. Whilst completing a second degree in Marketing from RMIT, I lead WPE to conducting over 600 events at over 30 different venues all over Melbourne, managing up to 200 staff and catering for up to 2000 people per event.

As the event industry evolved, I decided to hone my skills at digital marketing, running several successful campaigns for a number of clients. In 2016 I took the role of State Manager at GWP Pty Ltd, and lead the expansion of the company into Queensland, taking it from 0-500 agents in 2 years, whilst managing the allocation of over 5 million in funds. In the last 3 years I have also conducted a podcast, presented at my own personal development events, and worked with and/or fundraised for a number of amazing charitable organizations and community groups.


Original ‘ABOUT’:

At WPN we’re exploring the extraordinary people in our network who can hustle as hard as anyone, have found their purpose, are adding value to others and therefore generating wealth. I’m searching for what I want to do and I know that I’m not on this journey by myself, as many people that I speak to are giving similar answers. My follow up question to ‘What keeps you busy during the week?’ is ‘Do you enjoy it?’ This is not often a definitive ‘Yes’, so I then ask ‘What do you want to do?’ Some version of ‘I don’t know’ is nearly always the answer. Which is perfectly normal. I’m here to scratch my own itch too. Further to this, most of us don’t understand just what it takes to make it. Let’s explore this.

Here lies the opportunity to create a network of brilliantly minded individuals to study and learn from, and to study and learn with. We’re looking to learn from people who when asked ‘Do you enjoy it?’ Their answer is always ‘Yes’. And not just that, those who have great strategies in place to generate more wealth allowing them to do more of what they love. And they work hard. I want to help those who don’t know what they want to do, and in the process figure out exactly what I want to do. I’m very fortunate to have a lot of great conversations. It is time that they were recorded and shared with everyone.

I have two university degrees – a Bachelor of Business majoring in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing, both from RMIT University; I have attended The Global Young Leaders Conference in U.S.A, The Global Young Leaders Summit in China and and was awarded the prestigious Jaques Nasser Scholarship to attend the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organisation Conference in U.S.A; and I have run multiple businesses (see the White Pony Ventures page) including one that has held over 600 events and hosted world famous talent.

From all of my research and experience, there seems to be a 3 step process to success:
1. Find purpose
2. Add value
3. Generate wealth

With the overarching fundamental being ‘prepared to hustle.’

It seems that they must be completed in that order for one to feel the happiest and to feel the most successful and accomplished.

Through the Podcast, the Blog, the Pony Post emails, Social Media and plenty more, we’ll be exploring the efforts of many talented people at all levels of business, investing, fitness and sport, philanthropy, psychology and success. The aim is to identify what is working for these people, and how we can use these tools and systems in our everyday lives to reach the answers of ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ when we’re asked ‘Do you know what you want to do?’ and ‘Do you enjoy what you do?’.

Are you ready to hustle?


Yeah in hindsight, hustle was definitely the wrong word