If you feel the need to know more about me before you bother listening to one word from me, fair enough. Here’s my ‘Brief Career Profile’:

Vice & Justice Captain of my secondary college, over the following two years I was invited to and attended 3 international conferences. I completed my first degree, a Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship at RMIT University then founded White Pony Entertainment Pty Ltd.

Whilst completing a second degree (Marketing at RMIT plus taking on the role of Red Bull Student Brand Manager), I led WPE in conducting 600 events at 30 different venues all over Melbourne, managing 200 staff and catering for up to 2000 people per event.

I then decided to hone my skills at digital marketing, running successful campaigns for many clients. I also worked with/fundraised for many amazing charitable organisations and community groups, ran a podcast and presented at speaker events. In 2016 I took the role of State Manager of QLD at GWP Pty Ltd and led the expansion from 0-500 agents in 2 years.

For the next 3 years as Senior Account Manager in Victoria, I succeeded in leading a team to developing excellent customer satisfaction and increasing company revenue. Recently I was thrilled to be offered and accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer at Verdon Trading Pty Ltd.