001: Start-Ups, Sales Scripts, Networking & Crypto with Joshua Giuliani

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of the White Pony Network Podcast. Joining me in this episode is a very special guest and dear friend of mine, Joshua Giuliani. (Show Notes)

Josh left his corporate job after 7 years to found Tondo Digital, a web design & marketing agency. He has recently launched a second fast growing start-up, Nava Water and is heavily involved in the investment and mining of Cryptocurrency. Josh has helped me with many aspects of my professional career of late, including building the White Pony Network website.


In this episode Josh shares with us:

  • The impact of moving away from home and out of the burbs
  • How he quit his 7 year corporate job and took the leap on his own ventures
  • The valuable advice and experience he learnt when pitching to investors
  • Josh breaks down his very successful 7 Step Sales method to selling anything
  • His involvement in mining cryptocurrency, BNI group, his latest start-up and much more including Josh’s awesome answers to my favourite question The Big 5: What 5 experiences and/or resources have given you the most development, best results and greatest success on your journey so far.

One other thing I should mention. Last year when we did the Outsett podcast (that’s with two t’s on the end) after about 5 episodes, Josh and I made a rule that we could only do 1 take. That pushed us to be better at it, and the following 1.5 hour conversation was all one take.



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Show Notes

4:25 Moving out of the suburbs and finding the perfect environment to develop his mindset
6:25 That first lesson with that first venture ‘Urbanana’
12:25 The ‘Minglaa App’ story
17:25 The ‘DraftBoss’ story
21:55 Brilliant Pitching advice when it comes to dealing with potential investors
29:25 The ‘Outsett’ story
30:15 ‘The Streak’ on My Awakening
36:35 How to identify the right time to quit your day job
39:55 The 7 Step Sales method
44:55 Business systems
47:20 The benefits of being a member of BNI – Business Networking International
50:00 Nava Water
55:25 Josh’s ‘Why’
57:25 The choices that Josh has made that has made him who he is
59:00 Josh’s answer to ‘I’m thinking of quitting my job, what should I do?’
1:01:20 Josh’s Crypto-currency journey so far
1:12:35 Josh’s answers to the WPN Questions


The Big 5

  1. Urbanana – The lessons from that first venture plus moving out of the suburbs to the popular inner suburbs around Chapel Street entertainment precinct, learning that you can go out and do your own thing and be your own boss.
  2. Tim Ferriss Podcast – Opened Josh up to a new way of thinking, asking questions and wanting to develop as a human.
  3. NLP (neuro Linguistic programming) trying to better himself mentally, trying to become a more mindful, better person, thinking in better ways and being more resourceful.
  4. Mihir Tucker’s teaching of his ultimate sales technique which saw Josh gain great momentum and dramatically grow his business
  5. Reconnecting with Wes Pettit. The lessons that we’ve learned have been invaluable.


What are the best books & blogposts you’ve ever read? 1:15:40
Noah Kagan’s How to Create a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend post on Tim Ferriss’s Blog
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber


Best Movies & Documentaries 1:19:40
Wolf of Wall Street
The Great Rift


What are your predictions for your industry for the next 5-10 years? 1:23:25
Artificial Intelligence will change web design. Automatic smart web builders will be dominating the market. Web designers will need to adapt and become better sales people so they can offer a more wholistic approach to website design and online marketing where they will offer solutions rather than just a website.


Did you achieve your goals that you set yourself for the lsat 12 months? 01:25:25
Josh gave himself 3 months to make $1 from his own venture, otherwise he would get a job again. He passed that one quite easily!


What goals have you st obver the next 12 months? 1:26:15

  • In 5 years time Josh wants 5-7 staff running a Marketing & web design agency
  • 12 months – Get an employee
  • Online course teaching building websites
  • 120k in profit
  • 20k passive income stream per month


Who is Josh looking to connect with? 1:27:15

  • Industry experts in your respective fields to learn how you have become so good in your industry and help you develop your online brand to show others that you are the experts in your field.
  • SEO & Social Agencies
  • Marketing managers at big corporations including franchises who may need assistance with marketing as Josh has a modern and successful approach for marketing


Where can we find Josh? 1:29:40


Who I think should contact Josh? 1:30:20
Anyone looking to break into the Digital scene – Whether you can design, love social media, want to write content or just want to hustle and learn from someone doing exciting things, send Josh an email!
Anyone who is looking for a unique offering at their events/for clients through Nava Water


My Awakening 30:10
The Streak 30:20
Noah Kagan
Mihir Tucker 36:50
Jon Wellman – Vokke 43:05
Sylvan Spatarel 47:50
Simon Sinek 53:00
Genesis Mining 1:08:45
Ray Kroc 1:15:45
The Founder 1:16:10
Jordan Belfort 1:16:30
Lucid Smart Pills 1:20:20
Ben Pottinger 1:25:20
Dan Pena 1:25:30


ps That was Kevin Costner in Field Of Dreams, not Mel Gibson.

Our Cryptocurrency mining machines look like the bottom of Griff Tannen’s hover-board in Back to the Future Part II


This episode is brought to you by our good friends at Tondo Digital.

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