011: Solosode#1 – The Best Lessons From The First 10 Guests

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Hello and welcome to the White Pony Network Podcast Episode 11. This episode is a little different as I think there’d be a lot of value in going back and reviewing what I have learned form the first 10 episodes.

I know that it’s very easy to forget even the most important lessons as time goes on. As the saying goes ‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’, so I’m keen to revisit everything from the first 10 episodes as well as the process that lead to recording the first episode.


Just so you can get a feel for this episode, here’s the itinerary:

  • The journey to setting up this podcast
  • 5 Things that I have learned from running a podcast so far
  • The top 3 lessons that I have learned from all of the guests as a collective
  • The best lessons that I have learned from each guest individually.
  • I’ve pulled apart the episodes and final questions to look for patterns that all or most of these incredible guests share.
  • And a lesson from each of the 3 blog posts that are currently up


(I didn’t know what pic to use, so that’s me at the Syn 90.7FM studio for White Pony Radio in 2012)

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