033: Becoming Conscious Of Our Own Self-Love, Opening The Path To Great Achievement, Tantra, Reiki & Climbing Mt Everest with Ranetha Perera

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to episode 33 of the White Pony Network Podcast.

Today’s very special guest is an old friend of my brother’s who I have had the pleasure of knowing for a long time. It was been just awesome seeing her transformation and all the wonderful things that she is doing and lives that she is impacting.

Ranetha Perera will be presenting at the MindAim Conference – Spring 2019 on Thursday August 29! Depending when you’re listening to this, this event is coming up in a few days! It’s going to be awesome, we have peak performance and money coach extraordinaire Zac Dixon also presenting at the event. You can hear Zac’s story on Episode 31 of this podcast.

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Now onto Ranetha’s story! After university, Ranetha was working in a large recruitment agency and doing really well but knew that there was something else. After an invitation from a friend to attend a personal development event, she was on the path. Ranetha has grown into an extraordinary person through climbing Mt Everest, purchasing her first investment property, taking on a new and more advanced role in her career, moving from self-development to more specifically self-love, embodiment, tantra and reiki and more brilliant things.

Last year Ranetha set the goal of helping 1 million people combat body image and specifically have more self-love and self-acceptance in their lives – and she is well on the way to achieving that.

Ranetha is already transforming lives through her self-love workshops and it’s exciting to see the path that she’s on. She shares plenty of wisdom here for us, so please enjoy this conversation with Ranetha Perera


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My Biggest Take-Aways

  • ‘Yes I love myself in all different ways even though some days are still a struggle. When I can say that, everything is ok, everything else works.’
  • What happened vs the story we tell ourselves
  • Energy work is something that has become so powerful
  • Daily gratitude practice to change mindset – Every morning I share with someone what I am grateful for right now, what I am grateful for at the end of the day and what I am grateful for in the future and the last two I say in past tense like it’s already happened and occurred but really feel into the different senses. The motivation behind that is when you’re grateful for anything, you create an energy that’s kind of an excitement and that energy really helps manifest and there’s been so many things in my life that I created and set into existence and I just know that it’s come form that continuous gratitude and sense of being.
  • Emotional release techniques are important – Yelling in the car, having a tantrum  etc
  • The amount of tensions that people store in their bodies that then becomes disease – it could just be eradicated
  • Every man is so connected to themselves, they just need a way to access it
  • Make time for yourself. Get a coach to help you work out what’s going on inside. Have some activities that you enjoy that you do to balance you out and bring you back to equilibrium.
  • Having boundaries to look after yourself – including the ability to say no to others powerfully when it doesn’t suit, is a wonderful thing
  • People have 1000 versions of yourself – every single person you know has a different view of view depending on when and how they know you
  • Your life doesn’t actually make you a liar. If you say something and you believe it, it’ll happen. The universe doesn’t create you as a liar.


Show Notes

5:00 Ranetha’s story
13:20 Landmark
14:30 Self-development & Self-love
17:30 Tantra
19:30 What other areas are you finding that are helping you
23:55 Ranetha’s Self-Love workshops and what she’s teaching
29:50 Do you work with men or women or both?
29:50 What is your advice for someone feeling a bit negative atm?
39:20 How did you transform? What was the moment?
44:40 What can we expect at the MindAim Conference?

45:30 What is your favourite quote?
The mind is everything, what you think you become – Buddha
What you say is what you become

46:35 What are the best books you’ve read and/or resources that you’ve got the most from?
Breaking the Habit of Being yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza
Pussy a reclamation Gina thomas huwer

47:15 Best Movies or Documentaries?
Bohemian Rhapsody
Shutter Island

48:35 Who are you looking to connect with?
People that are drawn to feeling like there’s something there for them who feel that they’re holding back but want to let go, to have love for themselves. Those who are inspired to do things or want to be inspired.

49:50 Where can our listeners reach you?



Email: ranetha.perera@gmail.com


Join us at the next MindAim Conference where many of our Podcast guests present live! CLICK HERE for more information plus free tickets to our next event!

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