#025: Our Relationship With Our Thoughts, The Benefits Of Meditation, Overcoming Inner Obstacles, Calibrating Yourself, Finding Purpose & Planning To Win with Leigh Bundy

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Hello ladies & gentlemen and welcome to episode 25 of the White Pony Network Podcast!

Today’s episode is a Facebook live conversation that I shot with The Flow Expert Mr Leigh Bundy a couple of weeks back.

After interviewing Leigh the first time back in episode 21 in August, we have kept in touch since. I attended Leigh’s Social Identity Experience event in October and took away some fantastic tools to deal with limiting beliefs and different situations. We have had quite a number of conversations since so we thought that it could be beneficial to others if we recorded and shared a conversation.


We address many topics including:

  • Our relationship with our thoughts
  • The benefits of meditation
  • Overcoming inner obstacles
  • The quickest way to calibrate yourself or bring yourself back into balance
  • Finding purpose
  • Planning to win
  • & many more


Just like the initial interview, this is raw and unedited as it was shot live. CLICK HERE to watch the video of the interview. This audio doesn’t have the intro by the way, it gets straight into it with Leigh speaking about our relationship with our thoughts. The intro is on the video should you wish to see it.

Given that this was a balanced conversation rather than the usual interview, I did quite a bit more talking than I otherwise would, sharing a lot of what I have learned in the last year, which was very enjoyable.

I always love talking with Leigh and feeling his energy and listening to all his ideas, tools and strategies, and this conversation of course was no exception.

Please enjoy this conversation with Leigh Bundy.


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