028: The Magic of Real Paw Paw, Building & Running a Dramatically Expanding Business, Exploring the Innovator’s Creations & Helping Change the World with Darren McArthur

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I had the pleasure of being introduced to Darren McArthur in late 2018 by a friend of mine who was on the search for a product that could help him with red marks on his skin. Nothing he had come across was really working. He then discovered and connected with Darren and Darren’s extraordinary ‘The Real McArthur Paw Paw Products’. After using these products, my friend’s skin became as clear as it has ever been! So he put me straight onto Darren as this man has a product that the world needs to hear about.

My fiancé and I now use his products too by the way and they are awesome!
We talk about much more than just the paw paw products I might add.

We discuss the story of Darren’s Father – Tom McArthur the Paw Paw man. We discuss how Darren went from just a handful of Paw Paw seeds to creating and launching his incredible business, building the team and keeping up with orders as the business dramatically expands, space, building particular purpose sheds, freshwater crayfish, Darren’s unique trial and error process, creating cannabis oil, the creams that can help with arthritis, acne and psoriasis plus some more interesting topics such as the carbon in the air that could power everything, diets, meditation and much more.

Darren lives on the Adelaide River, about 1.5 hours south of Darwin, so it’s quite a unique episode in that Darren lives so remote that he called me over Messenger using the wifi at the local post office – hence the background noise.

This was a really interesting conversation with a great person, and I look forward to seeing where Darren takes his business.

So please enjoy this conversation with Darren McArthur

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My Biggest Take-Aways

  • ‘If it’s meant to happen, it will happen’. I love Darren’s ‘Trust the process’ approach
  • Darren has a genuine love for his product and for helping people and he knows his product as well as anyone knows their product
  • Trial & Error is vital
  • The body can heal really fast, you just need to give it the right things
  • Because they don’t use wheat germ oils or anything, the skin take sit in straight away – which my fiancé can attest to
  • Trial & Error can do wonders when combined with curiosity and perseverance
  • Darren has a genuine desire to help people and this is where his creativity and his success stem from\
  • ‘Nothing really matters, it’s only a concept and a thought that you make important’


Show Notes

3:00 The Northern landscape
5:10 How it all began including stories of The Paw Paw Man
23:05 Getting started and building the team
26:30 The momentum is building
29:50 A conversation about cannabis and how much it can help us
33:00 Expanding into other ventures
39:20 What are the secrets to being so successful with trial & error?
40:30 When do you decide that a project won’t work and move onto something else?
43:40 What are some examples of what your products can help with?
48:10 What’s your take on diets?
55:10 A conversation on Space and humanity
1:00:50 The future
1:02:05 How did you get your first customers?
1:03:45 How do you keep up with everything?
1:05:05 On finding investors


1:08:40 The Big 5
Knowing something works even after everyone says that it can’t
Having the Mayor spreading the word and the product
Great feedback on facebook

1:13:35 What is your favourite quote?
Never give up

1:14:15 What are the best books you’ve read and/or resources that you’ve got the most from?
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Who Stole My Mojo

14:30 Do you have any meditation practices or similar?
Yes. ‘People can describe it, but once you get there and you can release yourself, that feeling of freedom in unbelievable.’

1:19:30 Best Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries?
David Attenborough’s documentary on humans

1:22:00 What do you think of the state of our tap water?
Regulate it more. Our tap water is better than bottled water. Our tap water is probably the best in the world, maybe some of the chemicals they use are in excessive amounts.

1:24:40 What are your predictions for your business and industry in the next 5 to 10 years?
Aquire land, incorporate aquaculture and grow fish.
Regulations may get tighter

1:30:15 Given your premium natural products approach, will it be hard for competitors to keep up?
There are some large competitors but Darren’s products are natural and doing it for the right reasons.

1:32:15 What goals have you set yourself over the next 12 months? Are there any that you’re willing share with us that we could help by keeping you accountable?
Quadruple in size – Stocking 30 shops in the next 6-12 months no problem.

1:34:50 Who are you looking to connect with?
Naturopaths, Nutritionists, People in general that we can serve with a better product.

1:37:00 Where can our listeners reach you?
Facebook Page



5:35 Tom McArthur – The Paw Paw Man
34:00 Barrabait
36:40 Jeff Acres
102:35 The TodayTonight Story
1:06:40 Alibaba
1:18:00 Autobiography or a Yogi
1:18:00 Steve Jobs


Join us at the next MindAim Conference where many of our Podcast guests present live! CLICK HERE for more information plus an opportunity to secure free tickets!


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