030: How To Transform Our Inner World To Reflect A Better Outer World, 20 Years Coaching Experience, Creating Successful Businesses & Exploring Astral Travel with Aymen Fares

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to episode 30 of the white pony network podcast.

We have another awesome guest who is presenting at the next MindAim Conference.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Aymen nearly two years ago thanks to Meet-Up, through forex and then bitcoin randomly enough. We have kept in touch since, as I have been fascinated by Aymen’s successful business experience, and as I grew my inner game I then had a big interest in Aymen’s profound understanding of the metaphysical world, running spiritual.com.au plus being a coach for over 20 years.

Aymen has run a property development company, been a trader, a policeman and run several entrepreneurial ventures. His ability to help others has really stood out. The content on his website is testament to that. At one stage Aymen had 6,000+ unique visits per day. Just amazing.

We go pretty deep here, but bear with us as Aymen explains many things and answers many of the questions that we often feel that we don’t have the answers to. I personally love this stuff. He is an extraordinary and very successful man with a profound understanding of life, who we can definitely learn a thing or two from!

So please enjoy this episode with Aymen Fares


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My Biggest Take-Aways

  • Through physical activity we can train our mind just through doing what is incredibly difficult or annoying.
  • Everybody has a money ceiling, which is an emotional link to money
  • How do we change our money ceiling or financial thermostat – Identify emotions in your body, locate them and physically remove them
  • If we confront a fear, it goes away very quickly. What better way of conquering a fear than facing it?
  • The bark is always worse than the bite
  • All advertisers need to evoke emotion in you and unfortunately most people don’t understand emotion or how they’re manipulated by emotion and they don’t really have the tools to deal with it. This is why I teach what I teach.
  • My belief is that you are responsible for everything that happens to you
  • Anxiety is really just an extreme form of worry that translates into feelings in your body that can be changed so quickly and easily
  • Depression is living in the past where you get stuck in a particular situation that you can’t see a way out of. It’s like you come to a grinding halt. That is depression. Again that can be changed. People don’t want to change it internally because they have to face up to certain choices in their life. It’s never as bad as it seems, it can be changed.
  • Thoughts, Emotions, Energy
  • Almost all of our thoughts are negative. This is why meditation is important, to slow our thoughts down to catch them and deal with them. We need to understand what we think on a second to second basis until it becomes automatic
  • Try and hold a positive thought for 17 seconds. It’s a great skill to strengthen
  • If you can clear emotion and thought, it leaves open the door to an imprint from another realm, which really is like a sixth sense and that is intuition
  • Intuition only works in that beautiful flow state when you’re not thinking and have no emotions of any type blocking it.
  • A lot of people don’t want to be in a flow state because they want control. The control of thinking yes this is who I am (based on what others have said and limiting beliefs etc across our lifetime)
  • Your actual energetic makeup has already set goals for you whether you know it or not, so you can let go and get into that flow state and allow things to happen to you, allow intuition to kick in. You can do that quite safely, and then as soon as you see what you end up getting, there’s your reflection and then you can make changes from that and get something different the next time.
  • Visualise your goals with the feeling that you think you’ll have when you reach your goal and you can move towards them very quickly
  • Emotions draw up blocked energy from the past. In order to generate an emotion, you need to have too many thoughts that you can’t process properly and it created an emotion which is like an energetic block in your body. Where as a feeling is where you just feel something, and we’re designed to feel our way through life. I meet someone and it feels good or it feels bad. What clouds that is my emotion. Which blocks the true feeling of that situation
  • What in my makeup from last week or last year has lead me done this particular path to make these events appear?
  • Rather than looking at is as one life after another different aspects of the whole are all experiencing everything simultaneously. So when people say ‘I can delve into a past life’ the reason they can do that is not because they’re transcending time, it’s because they’re transcending space. So everything is location based, not time
  • You’d be surprised as to how many dead minutes you have around the place where you can listen to something or read something
  • When it comes to reading, it’s all about the practical application of what you’ve just read


Show Notes

4:00 Growing up and an interest in the occult
10:00 Entrepreneurial ventures, personal development and why we go back to our own familiar
19:30 What we can do to train our mind and understand ourselves
27:45 Astral Travel
32:10 Business lessons
35:30 Teaching others, more learning and the criminal justice system
46:00 Anxiety, depression and another deep dive
52:20 Spiritual.com.au
55:55 Exploring Aymen’s content and intuition
1:07:10 Intention and goal setting
1:13:40 A bit more on Astral Travel and more

1:21:30 The Big 5
Joining the police force
The first personal development course about taking responsibility or accepting responsibility for my life
Getting married and having children
Astral travel
Understanding why I did the property development

1:23:30 What are some inner areas that tend to hold you back or have held you back and how are you able or have been able to overcome them?
Thoughts and emotions have always held me back. Learning how to take control of my thinking process and learning how to remove those stuck emotions have helped the most, which is why I teach it.

1:24:25 What is your favourite quote?
Fear is the foundation of all human limitation

1:29:30 What are the best books you’ve read and/or resources that you’ve got the most from?
Follow your intuition. Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh is an excellent book. Someone may go and get it and say that it’s the most boring book where as someone else may think it’s the best book that they’ve ever read. So use your intuition to select a book and go for it.

1:34:50 Best Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries?
The 13th Floor
Science fiction, comedy
Just like the books, go with what feels right

1:35:40 What are your predictions for your industry in the next 5 to 10 years?
With all of the knowledge that people have, slowly the world will advance, there’s no doubt about it. Mindfulness is now in public awareness.
The more people advance both spiritually and in the personal development realm, the better the world will become and the kinder that we’ll be to each other and I see this moving forward little by little every year

1:36:40 Did you achieve your goals that you set yourself over the last 12 months?

1:38:20 What goals have you set yourself over the next 12 months? Are there any that you’re willing share with us that we could help by keeping you accountable?
A flourishing online business and YouTube channel impacting a lot of people.
I believe that you retain a lot of energy behind the goal when you don’t share it with others. There is no reason to be held accountable because there is no particular reason to have something done by a particular date unless it’s to earn a certain amount of money, because money and time are interchangeable. It’s like just by talking about it, you could be dissipating the energy that has been built up.

1:47:30 Who are you looking to connect with?
Anyone who is business orientated, entrepreneur, looking to improve their life through delving into their mind. Anyone who is positive, spiritual, entrepreneurial.

1:48:40 Where can our listeners reach you?
Spiritual.com.au (
Read the articles and comment!)


Join us at the next MindAim Conference where many of our Podcast guests present live! CLICK HERE for more information plus free tickets to our next event!

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